Saturday, September 22, 2012

A letter home

I was slogging through mounds of documents that I've saved over the years and came across this sweet little letter from my dad.  He and his brother Buddy were visiting Aunt Helen and Uncle Al in Chicago. Gordon is writing home to tell his parents about all the fun they are having.  There is no date on the letter but Gordon is old enough to write and figure out how to use a typewriter so I might estimate it was written around 1940. Pay attention to the main theme of his letter -- an indication of what was important to him.  Still runs in the family...ha ha!

Following the letter are a couple photos that are much earlier, probably about 1936-1937. One shows Buddy and Gordon with their Aunt Helen at a kiddie car place.  I love how Aunt Helen looks so happy.  This would have been around the time that she reunited with Uncle Al. 


Helen Metzner Kramer with her nephews Gordon and Buddy Metzner, about 1936

Buddy Metzner about 1936

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